Jennifer Lawrence & Emma Watson's Fashion Show Hijinks Prove They're the Perfect Comedy Duo — PHOTOS

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We live in a world where anything is possible, so it's totally reasonable to imagine that Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson could one day star side by side in a buddy comedy. And after seeing pics of the two actresses acting all chummy at Paris Fashion week, we know it could happen. Plus, if the Internet could raise $10,000 on Kickstarter so some random guy could make potato salad, then there's definitely a chance that J. Law and Watson could make a film or TV show together, right? It just makes sense (unlike the whole potato salad thing).

We already know that the two women have funny-bones, so all we need is for someone to write up a script for them. Easy-peasy. Lawrence could do it because she was ridiculously funny in American Hustle and because she's never not made the entire audience crack up during on of her stints on a late-night talk show, and as for Watson, I think we all remember a little cameo she had in This Is the End that had us all wishing she was in every comedy ever. The two women are basically the queens of their respective countries, so putting them together might just be the greatest thing that could ever happen to America and England… obviously. Just look at how amazing they are in this pic snapped in Paris:

See, they're already best friends! Check out how awesome it would be if J. Law and Watson were in some of our favorite classic buddy comedies (and some buddy comedies that I just made up):


Add on Anna Kendrick and we've got ourselves the best buddy comedy known to woman.

Some Like It Hot

Ugh. I can see it now. J. Law and Watson have to run from gangbangers by dressing up as men. Oh, the shenanigans they'll get themselves into.

Romy and Michele Do High School

Because Romy and Michele's High School Reunion is already perfection, and because Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino were fantastic in the film, we really don't need to remake it. What we do need is a prequel.

The Heat

The roles of out-of-this-world Mullins and stick-up-her-ass Ashburn were made for JLaw and Watson.

Wedding Crashers

Oh, how the tables will turn.

Katniss and Hermione Go to White Castle

Yes, I do just want to watch the two of them get super baked and do random things. That's really all I want.

23 Jump Street

Listen, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill were great in the first two films, but why don't we make a third Jump Street film that J. Law and Watson can be in? They can switch on-and-off with Tatum and Hill like the coaches do on The Voice.

Season 2 of True Detective

Okay, okay, so this isn't exactly a buddy comedy. BUT it totally is a show about two cops that are kind of best friends, so it definitely works. Plus who wouldn't want to see J. Law and Watson battle insanely dark inner demons? Raise your hand if you think Watson should be the Rust Cohle in this scenario. (I just want to see her drink a lot of canned beer.)

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