Gavin Rossdale Saves Dog From Drowning While Gwen Stefani & Rachel Zoe Watch — PHOTO

Gavin Rossdale is not a Yankee, but that didn't stop him from sprinting away with Fourth of July weekend. He put the weekend in the bag and the weekend won't be leaving said bag any time soon. It's forever in the bag. You follow me? He WON the weekend. You might’ve had a fantastic holiday, and I'm not about to tell you otherwise. But it would take something major for your weekend to trump Rossdale's weekend.

You want to know why that is? There are reasons. Specific reasons. And I'm about to list them for you. Are you ready? Cool beans. Let's do this:

1) He spent the holiday in Malibu

Malibu is beyond beautiful. Already off to a stellar start. But say you also spent your weekend at a Malibu or a comparable beach. How was his weekend any better than yours? Let us move on to item 2:

2) He spent the holiday with his family, which includes wife Gwen Stefani

Let it be known that Stefani is a goddess among mortals. There are very few companions on her level.

"But what makes that weekend different from any other day in Rossdale's life?" you ask. "He kicks it with his adorable kids and Gwen 'Goddess Among Mortals' Stefani on a regular basis."

Let us move on to item 3:

3) His family spent the holiday with Rachel Zoe, Rodger Berman, and Skyler

What she said.

4) He saved the the family dog (and the day)

As if the Stefani-Rossdale family kicking it with the Zoe-Berman family wasn’t unstoppable enough (um, I remain a mess over that friendship), Rossdale upped the ante. Just call him Captain Steven Hiller, because he saved Independence Day, er, Chewy the Pomeranian. That night, Rossdale went to bed a hero.

What happened, exactly? While Rossdale, Berman, and the kids played in the water, a menacing wave swept the family dog away. Little Chewy could't swim back to shore on his own. Ugh, so scary! According to E! Online, Berman held onto the kids while Rossdale went after Chewy. The Bush frontman scooped up the pup and carried him back to dry land.


Where were Stefani and Zoe while this transpired? According to E! News, the two watched the ordeal from the balcony and "seemed confident" their hubbies had the sitch on lock. And their confidence was entirely justified.

5. Lastly, he wore a bucket hat

And he made the hat of the summer his own. I bow out of reverence.

Image: applesandcaterpillars/tumblr