Marcus' Stripper Hometown 'Bachelorette' Date May Be Hot, But He's Not the One

This season's Jim Halpert (of The Office), Marcus Grodd had his hometown date and in Bachelorette Andi Dorfman's words it was hawwwtt. Marcus decided to win Andi's heart by showing her his body. Basically he reenacted their first date when Marcus and the guys stripped, but this time it was a private show as Andi was the only one in the room. Marcus started yanking off his pilot's uniform and I thought it was a little awkward, but Andi was really into it. She called Marcus one of the hottest guys she's ever dated. In fact she said "hot" about 16 times in her confessional interview basically making her the new Paris Hilton. But as hot as blue-eyed, chest-haired Marcus might be, he's not the one for Andi. I think Marcus is great, but it seemed that Andi's feelings for him are only skin deep.

During the family portion of the evening Andi chatted with Marcus' sister and the Bachelorette expressed her concern for catching up with Marcus' feelings. It's hard to match Marcus' enthusiasm. After all he said he loved Andi when there were still seven guys in the competition — way earlier than most contestants open up about the L-word. Then he dropped it again Monday night. Andi says he's the full package, but she's said it in a way where you can tell that she knows he's great, but just not great for her.

Marcus may have been ready for love and marriage with Andi, but she just wasn't that into him, and their date made it painfully obvious.

By the end of Monday night's episode, Andi sent him packing in a tear-filled goodbye. A bummed-out Marcus revealed in the limo that he thought Andi was misleading saying, "I believed in something that wasn't there." But he also said he still loves her and will miss her. Aw man, what an emotional roller coaster of a show.

But hey, even though Marcus didn't win the girl maybe he can start a new career as a stripper. He seems to really dig that gig.

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