'Walking Dead' Season 5 Theory: Rick & Michonne Are Totally Going To Get Together — Not

I know all of us who follow AMC's zombie apocalypse series religiously are desperately waiting for Season 5 to find out what the heck is up with The Walking Dead's Terminus and whether or not we're about to encounter a season filled with cannibals. But while some folks focus on those complicated theories, I have to address something that has been bugging me since the end of Season 3: The compelling dynamics of Rick and Michonne's relationship. Now when I say "relationship," I'm strictly talking about Rick and the katana-wielding badass' mutual respect for each other. But apparently, there are many fans across the world and the Internet who have taken this to mean something more. There are troves of fanfiction and 'shipping blogs dedicated to romance between Rick and Michonne (Richonne, if you will). So what do the writers and cast members think of this fan-based fantasy? They don't seem fully onboard.

After the Season 3 finale, Danai Gurira (Michonne) had some words about the Rick and Michonne dynamic. But none of it was romance based. She told TVLine that something was going on between the two characters but maintained that it was only that Michonne was starting to respect and appreciate Rick as a leader and friend. Plus, Michonne and Carl began to bond.

And when talking about spoilers or hints for Season 5, executive producer Robert Kirkman told TV Guide that Rick and Michonne's relationship could go in "interesting directions" as the show continues into Season 5. The two characters have formed a bond and it seems like Kirkman is saying the relationship could go anywhere from here. Basically he's teasing fans with this and other fruitless hints. It's cruel, but there's nothing we can do about it except desperately wait for Season 5 to begin.

Nevertheless, fans press on, hoping for a future that will most likely never come. Fans say a relationship between Rick and Michonne seems like a match made in heaven because of their mutual respect and because in their minds, Michonne has taken on a confidante and almost motherly role in Carl's life. Plus, the two characters have worked very hard to help each other in the past and save each other's lives. In fact, some people believe the two characters might already be a couple but could be keeping it a secret from the rest of the group.

Whatever their clues and theories may be, there really is no concrete proof of this relationship at the moment. Gurira doesn't seem to want her character to get together with Rick's at the moment and who knows how Rick's portrayer Andrew Lincoln feels about it. Plus, there's no proof in the comic books in favor of this chatter.

To be honest, I don't know if there is room in the show right now for Rick or Michonne to be in a relationship with each other or anyone else. If I were either of them, I'd just be most concerned about those possible cannibals and the consistent threat of zombies. But anything can happen, fans. Just keep on dreaming.

Images: AMC (2); Rebloggy