Returning His Humanity Poses A Major Risk

Things are seeming darker and bleaker than usual on The CW's hit show Supernatural , as Season 9 ended with Dean getting killed by Metatron and being resurrected as a demon. Yikes. There are several ways the show can handle the newly formed demon Dean in Season 10, but the most obvious step Team Free Will, led by younger brother Sam, will take first is to try and turn Dean back into a human — no matter the risk. Because as usual, Dean and Sam always put each other ahead of themselves and must save each other, no matter how much Sam tries to deny or go against that feeling.

So what methods are available to attempt the return of Dean's humanity? There are probably more than we think but they will all require a great deal from Team Free Will and probably quite a bit of cooperation from Crowley. The whole ordeal will probably be made even more difficult since Dean is not only a demon, but a demon with the Mark of Cain. There's no way that won't makes things worse. Thankfully, we only have to wait until Oct. 7 to find out what strategy the gang will attempt. But let's be honest, it'll probably be the most difficult and dangerous way available.

We know of one sure way to give a demon his humanity, the way Sam attempted to do with Crowley when he and Dean worked to seal off Hell forever. That attempt involved the Winchester boys taking Crowley to consecrated ground and Sam giving him his purified blood in doses, injecting it into him with a syringe to the neck. But when Sam attempted this act the first time, he was still reeling from the other trials and it led to him almost dying and causing Dean to allow an angel to possess and heal him. As fans all know, this angel, Gadreel, was later manipulated by Metatron to help him try to become the new God.

Luckily, if Sam attempts to give Dean back his humanity, he probably won't have to deal with his body failing on him this time around. However, this attempt could also prove to be much more difficult with Dean having the Mark of Cain, which in the past has caused his bloodlust to grow immensely. If Sam were to take on the task of turning Dean back into a human, he will probably need the help of Cain and Crowley to figure out how to do it.

But would Crowley actually help Sam turn his brother back from demon form? Probably not, since he would enjoy having Dean potentially be on his side for a change. The two already became quite chummy over the course of Season 9 especially, and I'm actually kind of intrigued to see how they bond as demons. But only for a little while.

Sam could also ask Castiel for help to see if the angels have any idea of how to successfully turn a demon back into a human, but even if there is a way, it probably takes a lot of angel mojo to do so. As we know from the end of Season 9, Castiel is losing his stolen angel grace and will die if he doesn't find his own grace soon. Most likely he will not be able to do much helping and will require help of his own to, you know, live.

There's also the question of whether Dean will actually want to be turned back into a human. That Mark of Cain did quite a number on him, so perhaps being a demon is no longer one of Dean's greatest fears. If so, then we all have something even bigger to worry about next season.

Images: The CW; fileundernews/Tumblr, sladeswlson/Tumblr