7 Literary Tweets From the Brazil Versus Germany World Cup Game

Tuesday's Brazil versus Germany World Cup game was nothing short of a massacre — a Red Wedding–level slaughter. The Germans crushed the Brazilians 7 to 1, leaving many asking a zillion questions (mostly in meme form, as you do): Why did the communication on defense totally shut down? How could Neymar and Silva's absence really paralyze the team that much? Was Cesar, like, drunk? (Okay, that isn't exactly what announcers said, but, well, it felt like it.) It was epic, record-breaking — and, if you were on the wrong side of the scoreline, it was painful.

All non-World Cup–related talk on Twitter seemed to completely stop — with good reason — reflecting the shock and awe of every human being with eyes. Even the literary got in the commentary, coming up with some pretty clever stuff throughout the pummeling. With references to Knausgaard, Piketty, Game of Thrones, Cormac McCarthy, and more, here are seven bookish tweets about the Soccer Game that Left Us Speechless (although our tweeting fingers were totally fine):

...and, not quite literary, but Teju Cole's reaction because Teju Cole:

Argentina/Netherlands, what do you hold? I can't even.

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