A Tom Hanks Themed Party Is Easy — All You Need is Ice Cream, Volleyballs, & Copies of 'Larry Crowne'

Oscar-winning actor and America's dad Tom Hanks turns 58-years-old on July 9, and honestly, we should all throw one big party in his honor. After all, the general presence of just having Tom Hanks in all of our lives is reason enough to celebrate, but the birthday of a national treasure simply solidifies it. Hanks has spent the days leading up to his birthday watching the World Cup with his family and out-dancing everyone at Scooter Braun's wedding (we sincerely appreciate you bringing this gem into our lives, Justin Bieber), so we really have to up the ante to do right by the Captain Phillips star.

So how does one throw a Tom Hanks–themed party in honor of his birthday? Well, for one, you have to have a Tom Hanks movie marathon. Since this is a joyous occasion, we're leaving the actor's heavier movies on the shelf. Nothing brings a party down quite like Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Saving Private Ryan, and/or Philadelphia. (That said, if you still wanna make your party guests emotional, you can always throw on the trash compactor scene in Toy Story 3 just for kicks.)

Instead, for your Tom Hanks birthday bash, we suggest Big (silly string must be provided for all guests), A League of Their Own (there's no crying in baseball or at birthday parties), You've Got Mail (F-O-X), and That Thing You Do! (way better than singing "Happy Birthday" as far as we're concerned).

All right, but what about recreation for your Tom Hanks party? Well, there can be a Castaway-inspired beach volleyball game (sorry, Wilson), taking a dip in the Splash pool (mermaids only), and/or Catch Me If You Can: A Running of the Hankses. Who's the fastest Hanks-inspired character in your friend group? Only one way to find out! The loser goes home with a copy of Larry Crowne.

What's on the menu at the Tom Hanks party? Glad you asked! Among the options, there's Lieutenant Dan Ice Creaaaam's Ice Cream (that's when you literally just wave a vanilla ice cream in your pal's face and it is delicious), Sleepless in Seattle's Best Coffee, Turner & Hooch wine, and the Green (Bean Casserole) Mile.

Okay, now you're ready to throw a Tom Hanks–themed party! Happy 58th Birthday, Tom Hanks!

Images: Phandroid.com; Notebooksisters.com; Gifstumblr.com; Studentbeans.com