Is There Already Trouble in "Paradise"?

Well, that was fast. To be fair, we're getting used to Selena Gomez and her cryptic Instagram messages, so the series of sad pictures and words that she put up yesterday wasn't much cause for alarm. However, combine those with the tweets that Justin Bieber posted Wednesday morning and you have a recipe for apparent jubilation among the Belieber Nation. Tuesday night, Bieber was with Yovanna Ventura, another one of his model lady friends with whom he's been romantically connected before. In fact, we even speculated that Ventura could be Bieber's perfect match, you know, before he got back together with Gomez. What does the fact that he's hanging out with Ventura again mean for the future of Bieber and Gomez?

According to the average Belieber, nothing good. Bieber's fans and talking smack about Gomez go together like summertime and pool parties, but it's amazing what a quick turnaround Beliebers have made. When rumors first began to surface that Bieber might be dating Ventura, Beliebers responded with tears and scorn. Now, it appears that Ventura is the lesser of two evils and most fans would rather see Bieber with her for the sheer fact that she's not Selena Gomez.

The two intimate selfies that Bieber posted to his Twitter featured him and Ventura getting up close and personal.

Beliebers were quick to point out that the second picture was almost identical to a picture that Bieber had taken with Gomez back when they were actually a somewhat cute couple — and that Ventura was doing it better than Gomez ever could.

If Gomez's sad Instagram posts and Bieber's return to the arms of his model friend are an indication of trouble in Jelena paradise, then I can't say I'm all that upset about it. We've all been advising Gomez to stay as far away from Bieber and his mess as possible, but she didn't listen and she might have gotten burned as a result. As Blair Waldorf herself once said: "The only thing lamer than dating Justin Bieber is mourning Justin Bieber."

Okay, so Blair was talking about Dan Humphrey and the quote became ironic when she later dated him, but the wisdom still rings true. Even if this picture fest isn't proof that Bieber and Gomez are over, it should be proof for why getting back together with Bieber is a bad idea. The best case scenario of this moment is that Bieber took a selfie of Ventura sticking her hand up his shirt and innocently posted it on the Internet the day after Gomez had a sad day on Instagram. Even that best-case scenario doesn't make him look too good.

Then again, maybe we're just making a bigger deal out of the situation than we should be, and Gomez trusts Bieber enough to know that he and Ventura are purely platonic. It's not like Gomez cares who Bieber's fans want to see him with, and at the end of the day, it's really no one's business but theirs.