Rita Ora's Hair Is Purple Now

Rita Ora, who has a role in the much-anticipated 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' once again called attention to her bangin' and enviable style, as opposed to her music career in the U.S., with a new Instagram pic that matched her purple lips to her purple hair tips. I know, that rhymes.

It's not easy (or even a wise style choice) to be all matchy matchy and pair your lipstick shade with your hair color, but Ora does so flawlessly. The singer, now appearing in bombshell, sideboob-showing form in her new Roberto Cavalli ads, painted her lips a deep, matte, purple shade. Her hair is long — likely extensions, since she got a bob a few months ago — and platinum, but the tips are dip-dyed the same shade as her lips.

No, it's not a summery look and it's not balanced, at all. The bottom half of her face is all about purple and usually when you rock a bleached blonde shade, it's a safer bet to go soft on the lips, so the bold elements aren't competing with one another. Ora is definitely calling attention to her mouth and her hair at the same time.

And because the singer and former GF of Calvin Harris is so freakin' gorge, she can pull it off. What could be harsh…isn't. It's actually sort of exotic. She kept everything else simple, with hardly any product on her eyes and arched, 'scaped brows, which works.

So the point is Rita Ora, who is often compared to Rihanna, which could earn her the nickname "Rihta," is so pretty that she can match her lips and hair and not look clownish.

Image: Rita Ora/Instagram