Liv Tyler Wears Hillary Clinton For President Tee — and She's Not The Only One Who Supports Clinton For 2016

Liv Tyler poses for July's issue of Violet Grey looking absolutely beautiful with minimal makeup and loose waves — but it's her awesome shirt that really matters. She looks very all-American in a pair of blue jeans and a white tee that reads "Hillary for President." The extended interview in the magazine starts out, "By year’s end, America may have a female presidential candidate in Hillary Clinton, and actress Liv Tyler is an unabashed supporter of this kind of progress." The photo shoot is a bold move that's surprising for Tyler since she typically keeps her political views under wraps. According to Us Weekly, Tyler told the New York Daily News in July 2011 that "half my family is Republican, half is Democrat," but she didn't disclose where she herself landed on the political spectrum. Finally, the burning question has been answered.

Although it is still only rumored that Clinton will be a presidential candidate in the 2016 election, at least she can be confident she has the unabashed support of one very outspoken elf — and Tyler's not the only one. Clinton is clearly a celeb fan favorite, with everyone from George Clooney to Julia Roberts singing her praises recently. Although these seven famous faces may not wear their opinion on their tees, they are pretty vocal about who they want the next president to be. Check out all the reasons they support Clinton 2016.

1. Elton John

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He might not be able to vote in our election, but John's still Team Hillary! He told The Washington Post, “[Hillary Clinton's] the kind of human being that I love. I hope she becomes president of the United States. You could use a woman president."

2. Lisa Marie Presley

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I’d love her to run for president,” Presley told The Washington Post. “I’m a woman, for one thing,” Presley replied. “She’s been around long enough. She knows the deal and knows the ropes.”

3. George Clooney

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"I think there's one last glass ceiling to be broken, and I think she could do a great job with it," Clooney told E! Online at the BAFTA awards.

4. Julia Roberts

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In an issue of Marie Claire, Roberts declared her support for Clinton, saying, "I had interviewed Hillary Clinton [for OWN], who has become a personal hero to me — who she is and her convictions as a woman and mother and a humanitarian."

5. Eva Longoria

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When a TMZ reporter asked Longoria if Hillary Clinton ran would she campaign for her, she responded, "Absolutely."

6. Dustin Hoffman

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When asked by TMZ Hoffman if he would ever play opposite Clinton in a movie he responded, "No...because I think she'll be in office."

7. Jack Nicholson

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Nicholson has praised Clinton's experience, and in her first presidential campaign he filmed a video endorsement of her that wove in clips of his films. "I was raised by women. I know how tough they are when the tough gets going."

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