Don't Worry, Zankie Is Back On Track

Things are looking up for Zankie, after what seemed to be a bump in the road for this bromace and/or showmance on Big Brother . The Zach Rance and Frankie Grande coupling was too good to be true from the start, if you ask me. The official cuddle buddies were inseparable until Frankie went behind Zach’s back to get him thrown out of the house. Frankie, why would you mess up something so good?

Ever since current HOH Devin came to power, he has been creating a lot of drama with other houseguests. His beef with Zach is no exception, causing Zach to be replaced as the houseguest nominated for eviction after taking Brittany off of the block. Throughout all of this, Frankie, the usually neutral party in Big Brother, convinced Zach to blow up at Devin, while convincing Devin they had the votes to evict Zach. Again, why mess up something so perfect, Frankie?

After some serious game play, it seems like Zach actually has the votes to stay in the house, no thanks to Frankie, and much to Devin’s dismay. Devin was so mad when he heard this, he completely relinquished any connection he had with the bomb squad, and blew every secret the alliance had to the non-bomb squad houseguests.

So, if Zach is going to live another day in the Big Brother house, what does this mean for the Zankie relationship? It seems that they are on the mend, even causing the houseguests to question if they were the ones responsible for some condoms being missing when the girls decided to have a condom water balloon fight. Here is a timeline of the two repairing what Frankie so tragically ruined.

It started off a little cold, as all scorned relationships do:

But perhaps Frankie has learned from his mistakes and really does want to make it up to Zach:

Sometimes, that means taking credit for things you "sneakily" did:

And sometimes that means taking credit for things you didn’t do at all:

As long as Zach believes in it, their relationship, whether bromance or showmance, will know no boundaries:

Images: CBS, Tumblr