Renee Talley's Botched Butt Implants Show Just How Wrong Plastic Surgery Can Go

Although plastic surgery is no longer the risky (and risque) procedure it was two or three decades ago, George Saunders-esque stories about weird surgeries or cosmetic procedures gone wrong still abound. Take, for example, Human Barbie, Human Ken, and Human Jessica Rabbit. Then there's Catwoman, or Jocelyn Wildenstein, who has spent over $4 million making herself look like a big cat. And New Yorker Marilyn Leisz couldn't even close her eyes after several botched eyelid surgeries. However, Renee Talley's plastic surgery story might serve as the biggest warning for looking before you leap into a procedure: after several mis-performed butt surgeries, she can actually flip her butt implants. Talley recently appeared on E! reality program Botched to tell her story.

Talley, a former stripper, had wanted to restore some of the former fullness of her posterior. She began her unfortunate butt surgery journey by getting silicone injections in 2010. Though she got the behind she'd wanted, she says she started to experience serious autoimmune issues like fatigue, pain, and stomach problems. The culprit, she says, was the silicone, which had migrated up her back and down her legs. Yikes.

Talley had the silicone removed, but to pump up the area once more, she had implants placed there. Her doctor cautioned her to wait six months, but Talley refused. After that surgery was when she noticed that she could just grab the implants know, flip them. Sort of like super-dangerous, chemical-filled pancakes. To warn people about the potential pitfalls of irresponsible surgeries, she uploaded the following video to Youtube:

Renee Talley on YouTube

Lucky for Talley, she appeared on Botched! to get her derriere repaired — hopefully for good. "I don't really look at myself in the mirror anymore," Talley told E!, shifting uncomfortably. Which is a shame, because Talley is gorgeous despite her butt problems. Although the health issues caused by the silicone are certainly alarming, perhaps the saddest part of her story is the total destruction of her self-esteem. On her Facebook profile, Talley wrote of her Botched! appearance, "I hope it saves many women from going through this."

According to Mayo Clinic, cosmetic procedures can carry risks like infection at the site of the surgery, anesthesia-related complications, scarring, numbness from nerve damage, and fluid build-up. That's not to say that no one should get plastic surgery, but everyone should be aware of the potential complications, especially in situations that involve multiple procedures, like Talley's.

Just be aware that if you're going under the knife, you never have a 100 percent guarantee of getting the result you want.

Images: Watsonlove, FuglySlot/Tumblr