Coco Rocha does 'Blade Runner'

There's no denying the fact that Blade Runner had some serious style moments — the film is bursting with iconic fashions, from the second-most famous metal bikini ever (this one accessorized by a stylishly transparent raincoat) to that infamous (and oft-replicated) airbrushed raccoon-style eyeshadow.

And the same could be said for supermodel Coco Rocha (though trade the metal bikini and raccoon eyeshadow for ultra-voluminous Zac Posen and crazy hats). When you think about it, it's the perfect marriage: Rocha does look like some sort of futuristic being, after all, what with her supermodern bob and absolutely insane cheekbones — she could easily inhabit the retro-futuristic dystopia that is the '80s vision of 2019 Los Angeles.

However, Rocha's recent shoot with Parisian magazine Citizen K doesn't go the high-impact Zhora route or Pris route — no, it goes Rachael. Full Rachael. Though Rachael is arguably the least cutting edge of the lady replicants (seriously, Pris and Zhora wouldn't look out of place in Tokyo or Milan), there is definitely something special about her classic, '40s-inspired femme fatale look.

Rocha's turn in Citizen K takes that special something and puts it to the nth degree — her Rachael looks more editorial than you could ever think possible. Take, for instance, her hair:

Who knew Rachael's signature rolled bangs could get any bigger? (Also, that peach-colored lipstick is right on the nose for an updated take on the character's beauty look).

She's also bringing it with the attitude (of course), and her outfit is downright enviable. You know Rachael would dig the fur-detailing on the shoulder (and those booties are insane). All that's missing?

"Do you like our owl?"

Images: cocorocha/Instagram