Coco Rocha is the Queen of Out-There, Edgy-Chic Style, and These Insanely Awesome Looks Prove It

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Blame it on stars like Lady Gaga and (up until recently) Nicki Minaj, but it's become increasingly less shocking to be, well, shocked at celebs' insane, over-the-top, attention-for-attention's-sake ensembles. In fact, spotlight-seeking outfits like Gaga's recent Victorian-era getup, Kendall Jenner's crazy double-slit MMVA ensemble, and Rihanna's practically naked CFDA Awards dress have become so commonplace that we've all lost an appreciation for genuinely envelope-pushing ensembles worn out of a true, edgy sense of style rather than an attempt to be sensational or larger than life. And there's one star in particular — supermodel Coco Rocha — who's nailed this out-there style in a way that's totally chic and not one bit cartoonish. Just take her latest look for example. The dramatically draped organza gown by Zac Posen, which she wore to the 2014 Fragrance Foundation Awards, was not only utterly jaw-dropping, but was also carried off with so much attitude and class that it looked nothing less than perfect. And that's not the only edgy trick up her sleeve; just click through to sneak a peek at nine of Rocha's most fashion-forward looks to date.

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