'The Walking Dead' Carol & Daryl Season 5 Spoilers Get Us Hoping They'll Finally Hook Up

Though an oddly matched couple, there’s no denying a connection between The Walking Dead 's Carol and Daryl and I’m pretty sure everyone else is on the same page as me. Will Season 5 finally be the season that Caryl finally becomes a thing? I’m pretty sure the only person who could come between them in Season 5 of TWD is Beth. Go home, Beth, you’re a baby. Team Caryl! Even if it’s not a full-on hook up like Glenn and Maggie's relationship, could we at least get a little makeout action?

Unfortunately for us, the cast and crew have been tight-lipped about Season 5 so far and we can’t look to the comics for help because Daryl was a character created specifically for the show. Also, apparently Comics Carol is much more flirtatious; she dates Tyreese and offers Rick and Lori a threesome, so I guess it’s a good thing that aren’t following the comic characters exactly as they are?

Last year, after Season 4 began airing, Vulture finally asked Melissa McBride why Daryl and Carol have never hooked up before. “They’re too smart. And it’s kind of hard to do it with a clunky crossbow strapped behind your back.” Okay, but deep inside, I bet McBride is begging for some alone time with Norman Reedus, because honestly, who doesn’t want that? No one in history has ever been like, “I’ve had enough Norman Reedus today.”

It was devastating last season when Rick separated Daryl and Carol because of that whole thing where she killed Tyreese’s GF, but now it seems as though Carol and Tyreese are on their way to Terminus and will probably be crucial to Rick & Co’s escape. So, I do believe if that’s the case, Rick owes Carol one hell of an apology. Because we know very little about the season we have few theories. In a new trailer that released over the holiday weekend, Carol and Tyreese are hiding out from a hoard of walkers, but are very clearly trying to get somewhere. We can probably assume it’s Terminus.

Last week, The Spoiling Dead Fans posted pictures of McBride and Reedus on set together, which means at the least, they will definitely be together again, even if it’s not in the romantic way that we keep hoping for. When it comes to Caryl, McBride also told Vulture, “I think having elements of a deep connection, that’s wonderful. I think that if it evolves, that’s also wonderful. But, I don’t know, if it were me, I wouldn’t want to be caught with my pants down.”

In case you weren’t convinced that there will be lots of Caryl time this season, TSDF spotted a van falling off of a bridge and “dummies” of Reedus and McBride. I don’t know what this means though, because if they fly off a bridge in a van, there better be some passionate make out sessions some time before that. Here’s to hoping Season 5 is the magical season of Caryl. Can it just be October already?

Images: AMC; Rebloggy