Rihanna Wears PJs In Public & So Can You

Rihanna's already proved she can rock the whole naked in public look when she arrived to the CFDA awards in a see-through dress and she was topless on Instagram until they made her remove the pic — which she just posted to Twitter instead. While her latest look covers her nipples, it's still just outrageous enough to be in Rihanna's wardrobe. On Tuesday, Rihanna hit up NYC in a silky pink nightgown that went to her ankles. Please don't stop the nudeness, RiRi.

The pink dress was clearly made for the bedroom and the bedroom only, but that didn't stop Rihanna from rocking the look to watch the Brazil vs. Germany World Cup match in the city. Despite the 90 degree heat the city was boasting, Rihanna paired her long nightie with a denim jacket and converse low top sneakers. For extra style, I assume.

Before you balk and dismiss this as a style fit only for someone who once released a song called "S&M," think again. I would honestly argue that nightgown-moonlighting-as-a-day-dress a look that everyone can copy. Seriously. It just takes the right accessories, and knowing in which situations this would be appropriate. Ex: Not a business meeting. Ready to make a big fashion statement and follow in RIhanna's footsteps? Here are nine nightgowns that you can wear in public. Shine bright, you style diamonds.

1. The Knit Slip

Seriously, this might as well be a J Crew frock. Its cool design and breezy silhouette is going to make you want to show it off. Take an extra cue from Rihanna and pair this look with a denim jacket and converse.

Stripe Rayon Knit Slip, $35, Betsey

2. The Jersey Night Gown

Bring out your wild side with this leopard print night gown that looks just like a regular dress. The jersey knit material will remind you how comfy your pajamas are — and how much you enjoy sporting them outside of the bedroom.

Nightgown, $18, H&M

3. The Cotton Gown

A direct nod to RiRi, here's a longer nightgown in pink.

Heritage Cotton Gown, $38, Victorias Secret

4. A Graphic Nightdress

Mornings suck, especially if you have to change out of your comfy PJs. Pair this graphic nightie with a denim vest and oversized shades — no one will even know you aren't supposed to leave the house in it.

Morning People Nightdress, $10, Forever 21

5. The Floral Slip

This floral slip dress is way too cute to hide between the covers.

Pins and Needles Lace-Trim Floral Slip, $44, Urban Outfitters

6. The Lace Trim Nightie

This white lace trim nightie is perfect for summer and will make your tan really pop.

Eyelet Lace-Trim Nightie, $30, Victorias Secret

7. Sheer Lace Maxi

Actually, I think this is a real dress. But whatever — it looks like lingerie. Wear it with a slip underneath or be more daring with a bralette and boy shorts.

Step In Time by Lip Service Sheer Lace Maxi Dress, $98, Urban Outfitters