Sesame Street Spoofs Icona Pop's "I Love It," But How Does It Rank Amongst Its Other Musical Parodies?

You know the mantra: It isn't officially cool until Sesame Street sends it up. Okay, so I might have just made up that mantra, but it's true all the same — the children's television show has spent years mimicking pop culture in the cutest way possible, making us feel feelings fuzzier than Mr. Snuffleupagus' coat of fur.

And Sesame Street has just released its latest effort, based on the summer song you can't get out of your heads. No, not "Blurred Lines" — the Muppets unofficially did that one already — but Icona Pop's "I Love It." This time around, Cookie Monster takes on the parody, singing, of course, "Me Want It," but with a helpful message for all chocolate chip-grubbing children out there: "But me wait."

Of course, Sesame Street's "Me Want It" just joins the ranks of some of the PBS children's shows greatest musical parodies. The series has joined forces with A-list talent from James Taylor to Alicia Keys to produce great works based on some of the industry's greatest hits. So who does Cookie Monster joined on the series' esteemed list of pop culture send-ups? Read (and watch) on to find out! As Icona Pop would say, you know you'll love it (both cookies and your favorite plus pop culture lovers, that is).

"Me Want It" (Based On Icona Pop's "I Love It"):

Sesame Street on YouTube

"Hot N Cold" (Based on Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold"):

Katy Perry on YouTube

Perry's parody was famously banned after parents complained about the singer's low-cut shirt.

"Share It Maybe" (Based on Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe")

Sesame Street on YouTube

The most obvious subliminal directive Sesame Street fans were ever given.

"1234" (Based on Feist's "1234")

Sesame Street on YouTube

The most utilitarian song to make its way onto Sesame Street

"Two Princes" (Based on Spin Doctors' "Two Prices")

sawing14s on YouTube

Sesame Street did it, so you officially cannot feel bad about adding the '90s gem to your karaoke line-up.

"Furry Happy Monsters" (Based on R.E.M.'s "Shiny Happy People")

Daniela2307 on YouTube

One of the worst songs R.E.M. ever wrote was still one of the best infused with Sesame Street values.

"That Grouchy Face" (Based on James Taylor's "Your Smiling Face")

sawing14s on YouTube

"Oh, How I Miss My X" (Based on Patti LaBelle's "Oh, How I Miss My Ex")

LittleJerryFan92 on YouTube

Let's ignore the fact that LaBelle wants to romance a letter and focus on how great a Sesame Street moment this was.

"Hey Food" (Based on The Beatles' "Hey Jude")

sawing14s on YouTube

The ultimate song to describe how much you love eating your feelings.