We Already Know What Their Baby Looks Like

by Aly Semigran

Well, it's official (for the most part): The Place Beyond the Pines co-stars and unimaginably beautiful people Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are having a baby together. The couple, who have been dating since 2011, will welcome their first child... and apparently, pretty damn soon, too. According to reports, Mendes — who rarely makes public appearances with Gosling — is seven months pregnant.

Do you hear that sound? No, not that of millions of hearts breaking everywhere, rather the inevitable stampede of who will get the first picture of the Goose's baby goose. (Good luck with that. Considering how private these two are about their relationship there's no doubt they'll be even more protective of their child.)

In their 2012 drama The Place Beyond the Pines, Hollywood gave us an idea of what a Gosling/Mendes baby would look like (hint: real, real cute), but the Internet, as it so often does, can up the ante. There's not one, but three websites that allow you to morph pictures to see what a future baby would look like. Hey, we should know, we totally did it with the cast of The Bachelorette .

Thanks to the, er, magic of Morph Thing, Make Me Babies, and Baby Maker , here's what their computer-generated kid would look like. Here goes nothing...

Ryan & Eva's Baby Via Morph Thing



It's times like these I truly yearn for Conan O'Brien's old "If They Mated" segment.

Ryan & Eva's Baby Via Make Me Babies



Wait, did it really just auto-generate a baby goose outfit for the girl baby? THE INTERNET HAS BECOME AWARE. DANGER, DANGER, WILL ROBINSON.

Ryan & Eva's Baby Via Baby Maker



That's a pretty dope hat, Baby Boy Mendes-Gosling.

Congrats, Ryan and Eva. A good lookin' duck is on the way.

Images: MorphThing.com (2); MakeMeBabies.com (2); luxand.com/babymaker/ (2)