Justin Bieber Cuts Deal in Egging Case & He's Lucky

If you're still shocked that Justin Bieber was only charged with a misdemeanor rather than a felony for that whole egging case, get ready to be a whole lot more surprised thanks to this new report: he has apparently cut a deal in the case. According to CNN, Justin Bieber pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor vandalism charge he received in connection with his involvement in the egging of his neighbor's home.

So, no, Bieber won't be deported from the US and sent back to his home in the faraway land we call Canada. But, he will be on supervised probation for two years, required to perform community service, pay restitution to his neighbor totaling $80,900, and undergo anger management — so he is getting some punishment for that whole egging thing. And, as has been pointed out in previous posts, if he does mess up and get arrested again, his future in the US will be cut extremely short. So, someone keep him away from the eggs!

Really, considering the big talk surrounding this case, Bieber got off easy — it was really predicted in the time leading up to the trial that Bieber would be charged with a felony, and that would have spelled really bad news for him. Probation, a fine, anger management, and community service? It's nothing in comparison.

Image: legifsss/Tumblr