Shooting in Houston, Texas Leaves Six Dead, Including Four Children, and One Injured

Local news stations are reporting that six people were killed in a shooting outside Houston, Texas on late Wednesday afternoon. The victims were killed by a family member who then left the scene, reportedly intending to kill another member of the family at that person's workplace, according to Houston's ABC affiliate KTRK. The dead include four children, one of whom died en route to the hospital. One injured woman who was shot in the head is in critical condition.

The victims' bodies were discovered in a house in Harris County outside of Houston, the local ABC affiliate reported. The house was in Enchanted Oaks, a suburban subdivision, according to KHOU.

Mark Herman, who works with the constable in Harris County, said in a news conference that the killing was the result of the end of a relationship, according to ABC.

It appears this stems from a domestic issue with a breakup in the family from what our witness has told us.

That witness was the injured woman who survived the shooting. Though her injury was severe, cops were able to learn what happened from her and then go after the suspect, ABC reported. Police ended up chasing him down a dead-end cul de sac where an hours-long standoff began. Photos from helicopters covering the incident later showed the suspect in a car at one end of the cul de sac facing at least a dozen police officers.

Harris County eventually began evacuating houses in the cul de sac for their occupants' safety, ABC reported. Later, police sandwiched the car between two SWAT vehicles while the suspect apparently talked on his cell phone, a reporter for KHOU said. Cops spent time negotiating with the suspect once the car was pinned and the man was unable to drive away.

He threatened suicide during the standoff, some reports said, but ultimately surrendered.