Amy Poehler Produces 'Welcome to Sweden' But How Much Will She Be On Screen?

There's much celebrating to be done in the Poehler household Thursday night when NBC premieres brother-and-sister team Greg and Amy Poehler's Welcome to Sweden , a sitcom they executive produce together. Greg didn't always plan on following Amy into the family business; he was actually an intellectual property lawyer before he relocated to Sweden with his wife, Charlotta.That experience — of being the fish-out-of-water American in a Scandinavian country — became the inspiration for a sitcom that could air in both Sweden and the United States. (Expect some subtitles.) The 10-episode season is already a hit in Sweden and has been renewed for a second season (but only in Sweden) as well.

As a co-executive producers, we know both Poehler siblings had a hand behind-the-scenes in making the show a success. But how much will Amy Poehler actually be featured in Welcome to Sweden ?

Unfortunately, not all that much. Amy is only credited for three of the show's ten episodes. If that's not evidence enough, Amy's role is described as a cameo across the board. (Deviating from his real life a little, Greg plays a celebrity accountant instead of a lawyer; Amy plays a heightened version of herself as one of his clients.)

It makes sense that Amy isn't really available to co-star on the show. She's a busy woman. She has the seventh (and last) season of Parks and Recreation to worry about, not to mention movies like They Came Together (which is out now) or The Nest (filming now). Welcome to Sweden isn't even the only show she's producing; she's also an executive producer on Broad City.

Just because Amy won't be on very often, it doesn't mean familiar faces won't be popping up on Welcome to Sweden. Besides Amy, the show has lined up a series of guest stars; many play themselves as one of Greg's clients. And those guest stars include:

Will Ferrell

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While his Ron Burgundy couldn't accurately translate the phrase "San Diego," Will Ferrell can actually speak Swedish (or at least attempt to).

Aubrey Plaza

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fans of April Ludgate-Dwyer have something to tide them over until Parks and Rec returns. Does deadpan delivery translate in Sweden?

Gene Simmons

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gene Simmons is one of the stars who appears as himself, something he should be used to after seven seasons of Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

Patrick Duffy

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This one's not technically a cameo; Duffy plays Greg's dad on the show. (It should be noted that Illeana Douglas plays Greg's mother.) "[Duffy is] still pretty much the most famous actor in Sweden," Greg told Vulture in an interview. "In the ’80s, they only had, like, one channel here, and Dallas was on it, like, 80 percent of the time. He’s still as big as it gets."

We'll take it, Greg.

Image: Ben Cohen/NBC; Getty Images (3)