She Looks Amazing Without Makeup, Obviously

The currenty influx of #nomakeup photos got started on Instagram, with tons of celebs posting (supposedly) product-free selfies to social media as a way to make us Normals feel great about our puffy early-morning faces. Now the fashion industry is getting in on the game with tons of campaigns and photo spreads advertised as being un-retouched or makeup free. Some of them have invited skepticism, like Mila Kunis for Gemfields, but many others are convincing. Rachel McAdams' all-natural look on the cover of Allure , for example.

McAdams covers the August 2014 issue of Allure wearing a cute floral lace top and a nearly bare face. She looks amazing, of course, because obviously. I mean, she's Regina George... what did you expect? But she also looks realistic, flashing a wide smile and staring confidently into the camera without an overload of fancy products on her face. From what I can see, McAdams is probably wearing some blush, but her eyes and lips are bare as can be. Even without makeup, the actress looks like she hasn't aged a day since The Notebook premiered ten years ago.

The #nomakeup trend can grow a bit tiresome when all we have are shots of stunning celebrities saying they woke up looking red carpet-ready and patting themselves on the back for being great body positivity role models. But the best part about the Allure cover is that there's no self-congratulating copy on the front of the magazine proclaiming that McAdams is makeup-free. The closest thing we have is an item that reads "The New Way to Wear Nude Makeup."

But don't take my word for it. See the cover for yourself.

Image: Allure Magazine