Married Men Want to Sleep With Miley Cyrus

by Maitri Suhas

Today in disgusting: Users at AshleyMadison.com, a website dedicated to finding extramarital relationships (aka cheating cheaters and the cheating they do), voted Miley Cyrus as the celebrity they'd most like to cheat on their spouses with. How utterly terrible. To make matters worse, there was actually a top five of the most wanted cuckolds:

The men of AshleyMadison.com have chosen Cyrus as the celebrity they would most like to cheat on their spouses with. She received 18.6 percent of the votes while Mila Kunis came in second with 12.4 percent. The top five were rounded out by Jennifer Lawrence, Sofia Vergara and Beyonce.

The question I hope everyone is asking is WHY is this a thing? The average age of the users of AshleyMadison.com is 44, whereas the age of the celebrities they're lusting after is... vastly younger. Especially Miley, who just turned 20.

Obviously, anything done by the website AshleyMadison is going to enrage me, because I think if you are trying to have an extramarital affair, keep it off the Internet. Have you learned nothing from Lifetime television (or some of our more high-profile politicians)? But what is the point of a survey such as this one — to make these female celebrities feel threatened? It's another case of throwing up my hands and asking "What is the point!" to the universe in particular.