ASOS WHITE Will Spice Up Your Officewear

Online retailer ASOS has been a wardrobe-saver since first launching in 2000. ASOS caters to a wide audience of 20-somethings, with labels like PETITE and CURVE offering trendy wares for all sizes. Now the brand is coming for your work wardrobe with ASOS WHITE, a line of premium daywear as timeless as it is chic.

According to the website, "ASOS WHITE is as effortless and it is individual. This season's understated edit sees masculine outerwear and low-key leather next to luxe knitwear, minimal slip dresses and butter-soft nappa bags." The results are a Zara-like blend of high-fashion meets corporate wear. All of the offerings are appropriate for your 9-to-5, with sleek silhouettes and a neutral color palate. Kiss those ill-fitting black pantsuits goodbye!

I love my freelance life, but flipping through the ASOS WHITE offerings has me almost craving the high pressure of a boardroom. Almost. Still, the clothes are fashion-forward enough to translate into any situation and there are quite a few casual pieces you can mix and match with trendier wares. High-quality comes with a price tag, but many of the items retail for less than $200 (some for less than $100), so while they ain't cheap, they're still affordable.

In celebration of the new line, allow me to present my five must-haves from ASOS WHITE this season.

1. Boxy Silk Tee

Cropped Shirt and High Wasted Skirt Combo, $95, ASOS

A perfectly modern (and casual Friday approved) way to rock the slightly cropped shirt/high-waisted skirt combo that's so in this season.

2. Striped Duster

Striped Duster Coat, $238, ASOS

This model has kind of an Oliver Twist thing going on with the hat but I'm going to forgive her because that coat would look damn near flawless layered over a shift dress and a statement necklace.

3. Shoe Boots

Walk The Line Shoes, $162, ASOS

I would skip anywhere in these sandal/bootie hybrid shoes. Anywhere. Even the office.

4. Silk Cami Dress

Silk Layered Cami Dress, $238, ASOS

The watercolor print on this layered dress looks suspiciously like the pattern on your grandmother's couch that she bought in the '80s when she first moved to Florida, but somehow I'm totally down.

5. V-neck Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt with V Neck, $60, ASOS

Rock the high-end sweatshirt look with this white top. The oversized fit will give you an irresistibly nonchalant vibe, perfect for remaining calm when dealing with your controlling boss.

Images: ASOS