January And Mindy Wore Matching Sweaters

Araya Diaz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Outside of the fact that they're both TV stars (and happen to curate pretty great/hilarious Instagram accounts), January Jones and Mindy Kaling don't have a whole lot in common. First off, Jones is best known for her turn as the ever-icy Betty Draper on the oft-depressing (in a good way) Mad Men, whilst Kaling is most famous for writing, producing, and starring in the decidedly more effervescent Mindy Project. Suffice it to say, they definitely have very different métiers.

And when it comes to their fashion M.O.? It might be even more different than their acting styles — let's break it down:

  • Jones tends towards the avant garde on the red carpet (think electric blue Atelier Versace), but she's decidedly more laid-back when it comes to her street style (think blue jeans and an oversized sweater).
  • Kaling, on the other hand goes for bold colors/prints in classic silhouettes when she's on the red carpet, and kicky little dresses and pencil skirts when she's off it.

Despite their individual preferences, there is one item of clothing they share in common: like a rare solar eclipse, the two stars' styles happened to align once, in the form of short-sleeved black and white bow-patterned sweater. So, to celebrate this strange coincidence, let's discuss who rocked it the hardest.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling/Twitter

Kaling paired the top with a graphic pencil — and the bows play very nicely with the diagonal criss-crossed stripes. As Kaling puts it, "That mix print life."

January Jones

Maury Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jones paired her version of the top with perfectly tailored black slacks, strappy sandals (which are unfortunately not visible in this image) and some killer pink lipstick.

What do you think? I admittedly have a huge Mindy Kaling bias (I'm obsessed with her fashion, both on and off screen), but I think I have to give her the edge for so successfully mixing her prints. That said, Jones also gets major points for her more simple take on the look — and her lipstick, of course.