Mindy Lahiri's 10 Best Style Moments

Can you believe Mindy Kaling turns 35 today? She seems somehow simultaneously younger and older than she actually is. She has the crazy-successful career trajectory of a 40 year-old, and the youthful charm of a 20-something whippersnapper. Age aside, what better way to celebrate than do a quick style retrospective of her on-screen alter ego, Mindy Lahiri? After all, she was recently named one of this year's best-dressed TV characters — and the list (which appeared on included Sansa Stark (and her infamous feathered dress), Jane Fonda, and Olivia Pope, so it really knew what it was talking about.

There's no doubting Dr. Lahiri's claim to the TV fashion throne. Taking a look at Kaling's personal style, it's clear that she's something of a muse for The Mindy Project's costumer, Sal Perez. And I'm sure Perez's out-there prints and wild brights are likewise an inspiration for Kaling. No matter who influences whom, it's clear that their confluence of style is something magic. Let's take a celebratory look at some of Mindy Lahiri's best looks!

10. Döppelganging The Duchess Of Cambridge

We all know Dr. Lahiri wore it better (per Vanity Fair, even the Fug Girls agree).

9. Her Fab Gym Style

Yes, fab — perhaps impractically so (though apparently, those polka dot sequins on that sweater are meant to go through the wash). Also, can FatSteps be a real thing now?

8. Mismatched Prints In Matching Colors

Mindy sagely says "Many animal prints in non-animal colors is a fun way to be," and she couldn't be more right.

7. Ring Girl Meets J. Crew?

No one does business casual chic like Mindy — even when she's moonlighting as a ring girl.

6. Schoolgirl Classic

Mindy does schoolgirl with surprising maturity; maybe it's the playful polka dot / plaid combo that keeps this from playing too juvenile. On a side note, this is really making me want to go out and buy a tie.

5. Partying In Metallic Houndstooth

This season one look is still one of the very best outfits on the show, IMHO. I still can't get over the matching dress and clutch!

4. White On White (On White?)

I'm not quite sure exactly how many layers of white are going on here, but there's no denying its fabulosity. Even more undeniable is the fact that Sal Perez is king of mixing textures and prints.

3. Pixie Chic

Her pixie cut may have gotten some hate from her writing staff, but she sure knew how to rock it! I'm loving the hoop earrings, star-printed shirt, and bodycon jumper. (Also, bonus James Franco as Dr. Paul Leotard!)

2. Black And White And Yellow All Over

No one can quite rock a yellow coat like Mindy, and what could be cuter than a houndstooth-ish jumper over a heart-printed button-down? Add a magenta statement bag and you are in business.

1. Tweed On Pink Polka Dots

She calls it "channeling Messina in Argo," but I think that it's more Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. And who more perfect to channel for her Empire State Building rendezvous? (Besides Annie Reed, of course.)

Images: FOX/Imdb, mindykaling/Instagram