Bianca & Brogan (AKA Tia) Aren't Doing Very Well

by Nicole Pomarico

Don't you hate when reality TV gets too real? That was the case on Wednesday night's Catfish season three finale, which gave us an hour of television that was pretty painful to watch. In the episode, "Bianca & Brogan," we watched a girl with a hard-to-crack exterior finally find someone who would break her walls down, only to discover that predictably, the person she fell in love with was someone else entirely. In the end, we learned that the adorable, tattoo-covered Brogan was actually a girl named Tia who was looking for an escape from her life after she'd been sexually abused. And unlike the Catfish from Tuesday night's bonus episode, Tia showed a lot of remorse for what she'd done — and it was absolutely heartbreaking to watch the relationship dissolve on screen.

Even more heartbreaking? When the screen went to black before Nev and Max did their usual Skype catch-up at the end of the show. But don't worry, all is not lost — this is where the aftershow comes in. And unfortunately, guest star Selita Ebanks got the majority of the screen time during the 30-minute Chatfish show straight from the MTV studios. However we did get what we came for: an update on Bianca and Tia. If you were hoping the former lovers would be able to repair the damage that Tia's web of Internet lies created, sorry, it's just not going to happen.

So what are the girls up to today? Bianca, whose walls are back up in force, has given up on the idea of using the Internet to find love entirely and it sounds like she's staying away from relationships in general. She and Tia haven't spoken since they finished filming their episode, although Tia fills us in that there's been a single Snapchat exchange and nothing else. And the body language that's going on when Bianca even has to look at Tia because they're in the same room again? It's making me uncomfortable just watching at home. The awkward level in that room must be off the charts.

But despite everything that's happened, Tia's staying optimistic. She's still glad she told Bianca the truth, and she still seems truly sorry for everything she's done.

Maybe one day, the girls will be friends again. I mean, don't bank on it, but anything's possible, right?

Image: MTV