Jerry Seinfeld (Reluctantly) Models for Rag & Bone

Jerry Seinfeld is unsure about his newfound modeling career. Or at least that's what his expression in one of his two portraits for Rag & Bone's Spring/Summer 2015 collection leads me to believe. Or maybe he's just being Jerry! Either way, the superstar comedian looks super sleek and ultra stylish posing in his Rag & Bone threads. In the photo, Seinfeld is dressed in a casual get-up consisting of a black blazer, black button-up, black and white striped trousers and some suede slip-ons. It's a far cry from his days of wearing high-waisted mom jeans, Jerry-atric (see what I did there?) white sneakers and shirts buttoned all the way to the top. And I have to say, it's a good look for him.

The series of photos, which were shot by photographer Andreas Laszlo Konrath and styled by Clare Richardson, included a handful of other celebrities like NBA star Carmelo Anthony. But for the most part, the models were close friends and family members of designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville. Even their wives Glenna Neece and Gucci Westman posed in front of the camera.

Based on the photos, Rag & Bone's upcoming collection will include an array of slouchy cropped pants, pajama-like tops, cotton sweatshirts and basic tees, all of which will come in Rag & Bone's signature neutral color palette. See the rest of the spread on Fashionita's website.

Images:Rag & Bone/ Fashionisto