Pennsylvania Gunman Kills 3 After Opening Fire on Town Meeting

A gunman opened fired on a town meeting in Pennsylvania Monday night, killing three and injuring at least two others.

The shooting, which took place during Ross Township, Pennsylvania’s monthly meeting was allegedly sparked by a disagreement between township officials and 59-year-old Rockne Newell.

Newell, a resident of Ross Township, was said to be upset about the state of his property, which was run down, littered with trash, and possibly facing condemnation. Allegedly, Newell said that he off of social security income and could not afford to pay to have the property cleaned.

The shooter opened fire shortly before 7:30 pm, blowing holes through the building’s walls and shooting several people before heading back to his vehicle for another weapon. When he returned he resume the barrage until he was wrestled to the ground by a township official and shot in the leg with his own weapon.

Newell killed at least one township official during the assault, according to local police. The status of a fourth victim who underwent surgery Monday night remains unclear.

Rep. Matt Cartwright, a congressional representative for the area, weighed in on the tragedy in a statement saying, “I am stunned and appalled at the atrocities that claimed the lives of innocent citizens in Ross Township, Monroe County this evening. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.”

Ross Township, located less than 100 miles north of Philadelphia, has about 5,500 residents. Between 15 people and 18 people were in attendance at Monday night’s meeting.