Warby Parker Collaborating With Into The Gloss, Karlie Kloss, And Beck For Seriously Cool Collections

No matter what your sunglass persona, Warby Parker has your number, and their latest crop of ingenious collaborations and ventures further cement the company as a modern favorite. If you adore '80s-style silver-framed aviators, or preppy tortoiseshell shades, or even lenses in edgy purple or green, Warby Parker has the ideal pair. And because it's sunglass season (read: summer), the company has initiated a number new partnerships resulting of ultra-enviable shades.

First up on the docket is the brand's Karlie Kloss x Warby Parker line, which includes three styles of wire-framed, tinted-lens shades. The line's Clara pair evokes a modern '70s vibe with its rounded lenses and oval shape, while Kloss's Marple shades read chic librarian in the best possible way, and the aviator-style Julia sunglasses are sheer seaside Californian perfection. And if the sunglass designs aren't motivation enough to purchase a pair at $145 a pop, the company is donating proceeds to Kloss's charity of choice, Edible Schoolyard NYC.

But perhaps you're not drawn to any of Kloss's vintage-inspired designs. Enter Into The Gloss x Warby Parker, which features sleek aviators in chic Japanese titanium for a very sporty look indeed; think an updated Tom Cruise in Top Gun with a little something extra.

And for those who simply want a classic pair of black shades that will be just as sophisticated and edgy in twenty years as they are today, Beck's limited edition Carmichael shades are returning to Warby Parker on July 29th, in celebration of Beck's Song Reader album release. After the album's initial release in composition form, Beck recorded his pieces to create an instrumental album which promises a divine listening experience. If you're feeling especially spirited, try throwing on the album while wearing Beck's Carmichael shades, which are rendered in rock n roll-inspired duo of colors. Warby Parker's Co-Founder and Co-CEO Neil Blumenthal stated that the collaboration is an ode to artistic achievement and to Beck's unique talent, stating:

No one embodies the spirit of creativity and collaboration more than Beck. From the moment we heard about his Song Reader, we were eager to join forces on the project. We’re thrilled to have worked together to introduce an album and a great pair of frames.

Based on the abundance of diverse, creative collaborations the company is offering for Summer 2014, it appears that Warby Parker just became even cooler. So celebrate your style by snapping up a new pair; after all, sun protection is the latest trend.

Image: IntoTheGloss/Twitter