Guess Who's A Crazy Cat Lady?

Personally, I've been a fan of Nina Dobrev ever since her Degrassi days, and now the Vampire Diaries star has given all of us another reason to love her. Nina Dobrev is obsessed with cats! Like, she really, really loves them. Need proof? When she posted on Instagram about finding a "French lover in Paris" on Wednesday, it had nothing to do with an Ian Somerhalder replacement. Instead, it was a photo of her with a fluffy furball. In the caption, she writes, "Blue eyes. Light soft fluffy hair. Loves to cuddle. He's totally my type." She makes a good point — the cat is ridiculously adorable.

To make the picture even more purrrrfect (sorry, couldn't resist!), she is wearing a cat shirt and cat eyeliner. Talk about commitment! This is why Dobrev is great. She's an award-winning actress, but isn't afraid to post photos in a shirt with cartoon kittens for the whole world to see. She embraces her inner cat lady and totally owns it.

This isn't the first time Dobrev has made her feline obsession known. In fact, a scroll through her Instagram proves she adores her cat Jama-Lynx, or just "Lynx" for short. Let's take a look at some photographic evidence (aka lots of cute cat pictures), starting with her new French, four-legged friend.

Obviously the cat's cuteness was worthy of multiple photos, hence the collage. P.S. There's the shirt!

Sorry, Meredith Swift, but Lynx may be the cutest cat in Hollywood.

Lynx is totally her snuggle buddy.

This #flashbackfriday photo shows Lynx when she was just a kitten!

According to the caption, she wanted her followers to make a wish. But really, this proves she's like the rest of us — her pet is her phone background.

She even dresses like one! No, this wasn't Halloween. She had a "Nina's Jungle" themed birthday party. Tigers totally count as cats.

Images: Nina Dobrev/Instagram