Meet The Concealer That Saved My Zombie Eyes

If I had to pick my very realest life struggle, it would be under eye circles. I've been blessed with genetics that leave me prone to looking like someone pranked me in my sleep by taking a thick sharpie to my lower lids. I exacerbate the situation by drinking lots and lots of black coffee and binging on Doctor Who for the thousandth time when I should be sleeping. Purple is my favorite color, so I've tried to embrace those violet rings that pop up every morning (and again around 9pm) but I just can't do it. I know, I know. Body peace, everyone is beautiful, whatever, yeah. But I'm not into everyone asking if I'm sick/a dead person when I skip concealer on the weekends. Jerks.

So, of course, this irrational insecurity of mine has lead to lots and lots of coverup and cream purchases. Too thin and my appalling dark circles will shine right through. Too thick and I'll end up looking like a reverse raccoon. Recently, however, I tested Kate Somerville IllumiKate Concealing Eye Cream — and I think my fatigued peepers have finally found their concealer glass slipper. I mean, for $42, this stuff better freaking work, right? Let's examine the photo evidence.


THE HORROR. I'll never catch a husband looking like this! My cat runs away screaming at the sight of my face first thing in the morning! Birds drop from the sky if I leave the apartment without concealer!


I generally prefer pot concealers, but there's no doubt that a brush applicator is thousands of times less messy. And watching it goop up over the brush when you twist the base is super satisfying.


Look, Ma! No circles! Well, less circles, at least. I might even go out in public without hiding behind my big, dark-rimmed glasses with this stuff in my arsenal. (LOL JK I would never.)

As an alleged bonus, this concealer is supposed to double as an eye cream that wards off wrinkles — which, honestly, IDRGAF about, but if you're worried about looking your age, then all the more reason to give this stuff a try. It apparently has a "diamond complex" which I think is what Rihanna has that makes her think she can be naked on the red carpet all the time.

So final verdict? I'm into it. It definitely brightens, definitely conceals, and doesn't flake or crease very much by the end of the day. If you have a spare $50-after-tax floating around, this is a pretty sweet product to spend it on.

Images: Kara McGrath