Bat For Lashes' "Skin Song" Is Creepy & Ethereal, But How Does It Rank Against Her Other Songs?

AUGHHHHHHH There's a new Bat for Lashes song (which you can listen to here) and it’s stupid-good. Before you hurl yourself into a tub full of ice to cool your body down because you think this means a new Bat for Lashes album is on the way, please read on. I beg you. If only because I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did (yes, my mistake involved an ice tub). Bat for Lashes recorded "Skin Song" not for an upcoming solo album, but for Body of Songs, a compilation album that’ll be released in 2015. According to Pitchfork, various artists will contribute human anatomy-inspired songs to the album. Science and music collide yet again! You can watch a preview for the project here.

Throughout “Skin Song", a heartbeat-esque drum punctuates the track like a pulse under the epidermis, and Natasha Khan's voice flows over the pulse like a wave constructed out of silk and ice. It's understated and it's gorgeous.

Of course I am obsessed with every decadent and larger-than-life song she makes, but I also lose my mind over her pared-down tracks. She does no wrong, that Khan. “Skin Song” falls into the latter category, but I wouldn’t group it with stunners like “Laura” or “Sad Eyes". It’s more of a “Wilderness”-style stunner. A creepy ethereal (creep-thereal?) song.

So how does “Skin Song” rank among some of her other creep-thereal tunes? The other songs that incorporate both wondrously mystical and/or spooky imagery and otherworldly instruments? Let’s assess via a 1-10 scale. Sound good? Cool. 1 is “whatevs McGevs,” 10 is “so creep-thereal, so perfect.” Onward:

"Siren Song"

Koniaku on YouTube

Score: 10Reason for Decision (RFD): My body goes numb every time I listen to this one. It's as if a song-ghost hugs me.

"What's A Girl To Do?"


Score: 10RFD: As if the song wasn't spooky enough, the video pushes it over the edge (in the best way).


chaotikmind on YouTube

Score: 10RFD: I mean, just listen to it.

"Two Planets"

Jodie Mills on YouTube

Score: 10RFD: This sounds both of very much of this earth and not of this earth. Two planets dancing together to create one unified sound.

"Winter Fields"

MrVentriculus on YouTube

Score: 10RFD: "Scaredy rabbits make good paper ghosts."

"The Wizard"

Monika Wlo on YouTube

Score: 10RFD: It feels like a dream, but a dream that could turn into a nightmare at a moment's notice.

"Skin Song"

Score: 10RFD: That heartbeat. Ufta. "Skin Song"? More like "My Skin Is A Goosebumpy Mess Song".

Oh, I gave 10s across the board? Well, should've predicted that, for I love Bat for Lashes. Even if I wanted to type a number other than "10", I don't think my fingers would permit me to type it. My fingers would not allow me to commit such blasphemy.