Does Josh Groban Have a Girlfriend? Start Your Engines, 'Rising Star' Fans

As Rising Star heads into its duels rounds, singer and host Josh Groban should be garnering attention for his serious skills on the series. But, looking at that smile under that mop of messy hair, it's hard to keep the mind from wandering, speculating about what happens when the lights come up on the set. Does Groban have a girlfriend to go home to?

If he does, it's not a relationship he's willing to take public. When rumors swirled earlier this year that he was spotted ring-shopping (!) with a gf, Rumorfix reached out to the singer's rep for comment. Rumorfix reports: "Not only is Josh 'absolutely not engaged,' but he’s a single man! The rep reveals, 'Josh is currently not dating.'” Even that much attention was unwelcome by Groban, causing him to tweet "Ironic that a page called @rumorfix is the only site that took the ZERO TRUTH bait from a cowardly Internet troll harassing my friends." When Rumorfix replied that it was only trying to clear up the situation, Groban responded, "It wasn't a rumor until you posted it. One nut case making shit up from god knows where and tweeting you doesn't make it a rumor."

Even though Groban would rather keep the spotlight off his personal life (don't even ask about the Brooklyn massage therapist who may or may not have been his secret girlfriend), there are some relationships Groban has been willing to open up about. He was candid about his relationship with January Jones in an interview with Details. "We dated for about two and a half years, and we were madly in love," he told the magazine. "It was definitely my longest relationship."

Katy Perry? Not so much. "We might have skated on the line of dating," is all he would admit to Details. "I'd love to get into another serious relationship," he added. "I am a real romantic at heart." Whether his next lady love will be someone he dates out in the open or in a secret, clandestine affair, she'll be a lucky girl. Here's why.

The Glasses/Bedhead Combo

Yeah, he makes the geek chic thing really work for him.

He's Got a Sense of Humor

You wouldn't expect it from someone whose music is so serious, but, if you follow him on Twitter, you can really see Groban loosen up. Take, for instance, his reaction to the news that Justin Beiber may be retiring.

He's Good to His Fans

He gives lots of love to his fans on Twitter. That's got to be the mark of a good boyfriend, right?

Most Importantly, Because This Shirt Exists

Whoever Josh Groban's girlfriend may be, I hope she looks good in red.

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