'Rising Star' Host Josh Groban Was the Perfect Choice for the Job — 6 Reasons Why

I'm pretty picky when it comes to downloading apps on my phone (hey, those 16 GB can go quick). But then I started watching Rising Star, thanks to Ludacris, Kesha, Brad Paisley, and Josh Groban. I decided to download the Rising Star app because of three reasons. 1) I wanted to see how Rising Star really worked. 2) I wanted to see my face on the big wall on TV. 3) I wanted to make people’s dreams come true. Only one (okay, maybe two) of those things actually happened. So anyway, my face didn’t appear on the big wall and my chances of appearing that much closer to Josh Groban are still just a dream. But while watching the show, something hit me. Guys — Josh Groban is kind of the perfect host for this television show.

I love Josh Groban, and you should, too! When I was 13, I did a very emotional ballet dance to “You Raise Me Up" that brought down the house. So Josh has a special place in my heart, and he should have a special place in yours, too — even if you don't share our complex history.

Rising Star should be enough to make you start loving Groban. Here are six reasons why he's the perfect host for Rising Star.

He acts as a mentor

And who wouldn’t want Josh Groban as their mentor? The guy’s got the voice of an angel. Each week, the contestants meet with Josh to go over their story and to rehearse their song.

He knows what it’s like to have a dream

Josh, like many of the contestants on Rising Star, was once just a kid with a dream of singing. He grew up training for a career in performing when his vocal coach sent a video of him singing to David Foster — THE David Foster — famous producer, composer, and hubby to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Yolanda Foster.

He acts as a support system

The problem about other reality singing shows on television is that there is a lack of love coming from the hosts. I want to see hugs, shoulders to cry on, and high-fives. Josh is the answer to those prayers. He roots for the contestants when they raise the wall, and comforts them when they don’t.

He’s got two albums in the works

They say those who can’t do, teach, but Josh is proving that he can do both. He’s such an all-star. According to Billboard, Josh is working on two albums while hosting Rising Star . Being on a television show certainly won't hurt promotions for the albums, once they are ready to be released.

He has experience hosting

His resume boasts chart toppers, sure, but did you know that Josh has previously (guest) hosted a television show? Never Mind the Buzzcocks (I couldn’t make up that name if I tried), an English music-based panel game show, allowed Josh to guest present back in 2010, and he was a hit.

The people love him

If these reasons aren’t enough, trust the word of the people.

Images: Rising Star ABC/Facbook, Josh Groban/Instagram