Retta Ends Fauxmance with Joe Manganiello But They'll Always Live on Through Her Tweets

Today is a sad, sad day for faux Twitter celebrity romances. Parks and Recreation star Retta has ended her fauxmance with Joe Manganiello. This heartbreaking news came as a shock to fans today when Retta reacted to the earth-shattering announcement of Manganiello's real life relationship with Sofia Vergara. In a statement to Us Weekly — yeah, she seriously released a statement, it's amazing — Retta wrote, "It is with a heavy heart that I learn of Joe Manganiello aka my wolfy Twitter boo is seeing one Ms. Sofia Vergara. As with any (pretend) conscious uncoupling there is still much love and my Mellow Nello (that was what I called my boo in my head) will always hold a special place in my Twitter heart."

This conscious uncoupling is by far the most upsetting conscious uncoupling in recent history. Their relationship on Twitter began in 2012 when Retta's Manganiello-centric True Blood tweets caught the eye of the man himself. Then Octavia Spencer and Yvette Nicole Brown started their own rumors about their relationship. What these pranksters weren't expecting was Manganiello to join in on the fun. And thus, Rettanaganiello was born.

As sad as I am for this naughty and hilarious Twitter fauxmance to be put to pasture, at least we'll always have the memories. Let's take a look back at this incredible couple's best tweets.

First, where it all began

Then Yvette Nicole Brown and Octavia Spencer got involved and things got heated

Leave it to Joe Manganiello to heat it up even more

They were just so honest with their love!

Sometimes they were just really cute

Sigh, I'm just really going to miss these two

Images: theartofsideye/Twitter; unfoRETTAble/Instagram