We're Calling 911, 'Magic Mike XXL'

True Blood's season premiere and the reemergence of one Joe Manganiello has us thinking about shirtless men. Hot shirtless men. Hot, oil-glistening shirtless men. Hot, oil-glistening shirtless men dressed as firemen. Hot, oil-glistening shirtless men dressed as firemen stripping everywhere. We all know it — the main reason people headed to the theaters to see Magic Mike was because they were promised hot-stripping actors. Sorry, but that's the truth. People were like, "Wait, you mean I can go see something that's basically Chippendales but in a dark theater where no one can see that I'm salivating and fanning myself? I'M IN." And after how successful it was, obviously its leading man, Channing Tatum, would want to come back for round two. But what about Manganiello?

The aptly named Magic Mike XXL (we wish it was XXXL) is set to follow the strippers as they go on a super manly road trip to attend a stripper convention. And although that plot sounds fantastic and all (just imagine all of the shenanigans they'll get themselves into), the real question is, will Joe Manganiello reprise his role as the hunky and buff Big Dick Richie? We can assume that Tatum is coming back — the ex-stripper is penning the script — but it's basically all up in the air when it comes to all of the other scantily-clad actors. And let's be real: we need Manganiello's abs in our life again.

So far it's only rumor that the wolfy True Blood actor will be coming back for another taste of the stripper life, but based on his interview with Collider, things are looking pretty good for us:

Yeah, it’s [Magic Mike XXL] gonna happen this fall. I think they’re going to announce it soon. It’s crazy. I didn’t think that would be my first franchise. I never thought that would ever be the direction of my career. But that said, it’s just proof that I don’t know best, all the time. It was the most fun I’ve ever had, and I can’t wait to get back in and mix it up with those guys.

Honestly, he's basically said that he's ready to come back as Richie — the only thing left is for Manganiello to sign his contract. Then we can all heave a gigantic sigh of sexy relief and know that he'll be dancing again for us sometime soon. Plus, it only makes sense that he'd take the role since Manganiello directed La Bare , a documentary about male strippers. Obviously Magic Mike has seriously impacted his life. And you know what, Manganiello? Your abs have greatly impacted our lives. Thank you, Manganiello. Just... thank you.

Images: Warner Bros.; perezhilton.com; Warner Bros.