LeBron James Decision Meme #BeforeLeBronDecides Pokes Fun At Endless Waiting

Have you guys heard? LeBron James is trying to figure out what NBA team to sign with, and it's all ESPN's been talking about for pretty much ever. As a result, LeBron James memes, mostly Twitter's #BeforeLeBronDecides, have sprouted up to poke fun at the never-ending speculation surrounding his choice...and the agony of waiting for it. James announced at the end of June that he was leaving his contract with the Miami Heat early to become a free agent. Since then the basketball star's been entertaining suitors wielding lucrative contracts.

James, a seriously talented basketball player who's been named MVP four times and twice led teams to NBA championships, is reportedly debating between playing for either the Cleveland Cavaliers, his hometown team, and the Miami Heat, where he's played for the last four years — not to mention where he won his championships.

The New York Times reports that the Cleveland team has taken huge risks to try and draw James back home — and Cleveland fans will be brokenhearted if he picks Miami. A Cleveland bartender, Shawn Brewster, made this comparison to Times reporter Michael Powell:

LeBron is the girl who hangs out with you all night. And you buy all the drinks. And at the end of the night, she went home with the jerk.

A lot of teams and individual players are waiting to make decisions for next season based on what James does, and the anticipation just keeps growing. As a result, the Internet's abuzz with all the unlikely decisions that we'll hear about before James just tells us where he plans to go, tagged #BeforeLeBronDecides. Here are the funniest:

1. The Sequel of the Sequel Will Hit Theaters

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It could happen, guys.

2. Teams Will Be Resurrected

The long-last Seattle Sonics could come back someday. Also, James could make a choice.

3. That Ice Age Squirrel Will...Well, You Know


4. The Tootsie Roll Owl Will Find Out the Secret

So how many licks is it?

5. Plankton Will Finally Be Successful

Sorry, Mr. Krab.

6. Kermit the Frog Will Be Satiated

It could happen.

7. The World Cup Humiliation Will Stop

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Poor Brazil.

Images: Getty (3); Tootsie Pop