Will Naomi Watts' 'Diana' Biopic Be a Oscar-Bait Or a Fluffy Romance?

In 2013, it seems the royal family is as in as a whole box of cronuts. Just two weeks after Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed royal baby Prince George, Diana has released its first full-length trailer starring Naomi Watts as the titular princess who captured hearts until her death in 1997.

But lest you believe we're in for a royal political drama on the level of The Queen — which won Helen Mirren an Oscar in 2007 — it seems Diana is shunning politics for the more tabloid-friendly part of the Princess of Wales' life: her romantic interests.

Diana's trailer, which fails to even produce one image of anyone in the royal family besides the princess herself, hones in on the relationship between Diana and Dr. Hasnat Khan, played by Lost star Naveen Andrews in the biopic. The spot shows the beginnings of their courtship, his struggles with romancing a member of the royal family, and the meeting between her and Dodi Fayed (Cas Anvar) that eventually led to her death.

Surely, there's no coincidence the trailer's music reminds one of Downton Abbey's sprawling score — rich British people involved in love triangles are so very in right no in pop culture. But it does tend to invite levity to a story that is, in its core, so very dark, making you wonder if this is the Oscar bait that it appeared to be.

Below, see the spot for the film (and, yes, marvel at Watts' wardrobe), which has yet to secure a U.S. release date.

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Image: Ecosse Films