Wanna See a Super Creepy "Photo" of Their Kid?

When the news broke that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are expecting a baby, everyone went crazy saying things like "I can't believe my dream of being Mrs. Ryan Gosling is over" and "Omg! How did she keep it a secret for so long!" It didn't exactly make sense to act this way — the dream of one day dating Ryan Gosling was already over, y'all — but it made a hell of a lot more sense than a forensic artist making realistic pictures of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes child. With these "photos," the Gosling-Mendes baby obsession has officially gotten too creepy.

Now if you read this site often you may be thinking, "Um... You totally did that already" and "Are you kidding me? You guys wrote an open letter to the baby." Well to that I say our fake baby pictures were just a silly, pixelated mess made on crappy photo-morphing websites. And as for the letter, we were just warning the baby of the creepiness that it will see once it arrives. You know, things like hyperrealistic photos of what she or he will look like at age six.

Prepare to have your mind blown because here's what forensic artist Joe Mullins came up with:

I know what you're thinking, it doesn't look like the artist combined the two actors, it just looks like a young Ryan Gosling and a young Eva Mendes. Oh? That's not what you're thinking? You're thinking that this is way too creepy and wondering why it needs to exist? Oh. Okay then.

Of course, a look into the Mendes-Gosling baby's future is not the only strange thing to come from this pregnancy announcement. (That hasn't yet been confirmed by either actor, mind you.) There are also the large number of people who are so stressed out by the news that they sound like they would literally have Ryan Gosling's child by in vitro fertilization just to be close to him.

Or worse:

Then there's the websites that have looked at Mendes's most recent outings hoping that a baby bump will present itself. A photo that was once captioned, "Eva Takes a Stroll and Grabs a Coffee" could have really been "Eva Flaunts Baby Bump and Is Glowing." Or better yet, "Eva Grabs a Coffee? We Hope It's Decaf!"

(Admittedly, her most recent picture is a little crazy. Really? She needs to carry this much stuff?)

But don't forget, the creepiest way of expressing your Gosling obsession has been around long before the baby news: Ryan Gosling products. There's T-shirts, mugs, earrings. And what says "I'm totally committed to Ryan Gosling, baby or no baby" more than a pair of Ryan Gosling underwear?

Wow. That really give some perspective to how creepy those forensic photos are, doesn't it?

Image: Bulletsandbees/Etsy