Who Should Play Cher in the 'Clueless' Musical?

Don't say "As if!" to the idea of a Clueless musical because the director of the film, Amy Heckerling, is actually making that dream come to life. Yep, a Clueless musical is headed to the Broadway stage. Hecklering told Vulture that she's currently working on the book and song lyrics for the project, and even though the show is only in its nascent stage of development, she has some ideas for who should play the iconic Cher Horowitz. I have ideas about a full-blown musical number for "Rollin' With the Homies," but I'll leave that up to the creative team. Plus, my living room choreography skills are limited to Zumba routines and a poorly reenacted Chorus Line dance. But that's beside the point. We need to know about Heckerling's picks for Cher! Heckerling said,

Katy Perry has expressed interest, and I love her to death.

Wait, what? Katy Perry on Broadway? Can you see it? Well, for those of you who cannot envision the "Birthday" singer on the Great White Way, fret not. (And a big sorry to those of you who dream of seeing Perry on a B'way stage.) Heckerling alluded to the fact that Perry would likely be too busy to do a Broadway musical. However, Heckerling also offered:

Maybe Iggy [Azalea] would do it!

The "Fancy" singer came to Heckerling's mind because her video for her superpopular song features an homage to the movie which the Clueless director happens to love. "I was extremely flattered and I thought she was amazing," she said.

But if Clueless is to hit the Broadway stage, and Hecklering is on the lookout for a perky blonde singer-actress with mass appeal who happens to have an awesome voice, I've got a little suggestion for her:

Wouldn't Kristen Bell be an awesome Cher on Broadway? I can definitely see that working.

Although, if we're talking mass appeal, then we may as well talk commercial value. It's easy to imagine MTV doing another reality TV contest like the network did for Legally Blonde: The Musical, pitting young musical theater actresses against each other for the ultimate prize of a Broadway role. It's not a far-fetched idea, given that there was also a competition on NBC for roles in the revival of Grease, appropriately called, You're the One That I Want. (Even though the actors who auditioned and didn't get the gig probably thought it should have been called You're the One I Don't Want. But anyway. THE THEATER.)

Can't you just see it? As If: The Search for Cher. I can and I certainly can't wait for Clueless to come to the stage. Until then, I'll just dream of virtual closets... (How do you think they'll pull that off?)

Image: Paramount Pictures; Giphy