Liev Schreiber Recalls Giraffe Smooch on 'Jimmy Fallon Live!' & Yes, There Are Pictures

Liev Schreiber went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday (July 11) to promote the upcoming season of his Showtime series Ray Donovan . While on the show, his recent trip to the San Diego Zoo with his oldest son Alexander, whom he refers to as Sasha, came up, along with some questionable pics the actor took. Seems when chreiber interacted with a giraffe at the zoo, he got an, um, mouthful. “I just didn't know that the San Diego Zoo was full contact. I just didn't understand that you could make out with a giraffe,” teased Fallon.

Schreiber couldn’t remember the name of the giraffe (Behati), presumably because this is such a common occurrence. And to think, the most that ever happened to me at a zoo was a scary run-in with a bad-tempered seal. Some people have all the fun.

Even the San Diego Zoo got in on the fun with a tweet early this morning, joking, "Real men kiss giraffes. Right @LievSchreiber?" and attached a picture of the sweet moment.

The actor also revealed two incidents that led to him breaking his nose during his interview on Fallon. “Have you ever had this experience where you get hurt and it’s a shock, and all you want to say is 'time out'?” he asks. Yes, we've all been there, Liev.

Check out the segment below.