Her 'Wonderland' Cover Is Seriously 'Shopped

Just as things were beginning to settle down for creepy Uncle Terry, lightning strikes again, this time in the form of a Photoshop scandal. It all began when Terry Richardson shot Mariah Carey for Wonderland magazine's summer issue. The famed photographer used a style he is known best for, the point-and-shoot-built-in-flash method. Only this time, the technique failed him. Wonderland magazine must have felt his efforts were nowhere near good enough for their publication because they Photoshopped the crap out of them.

Earlier this week Jezebel obtained unretouched images from Carey's shoot and compared them to the final photos used by Wonderland. The differences are out of this world. What stands out immediately is the massive change in skin tone and coloration for both Carey and Richardson. The magazine even went so far as to add extra makeup to Mariah Carey due to her looking washed-out as a result of Richardson's overly bright flash. Other highlights include trimming her waist, enlarging her breasts, and the removal of any "imperfections" such as creases and cellulite. The photos Jezebel released speak for themself.

Perhaps the biggest surprise from this story is Carey, who prides herself on being a top diva, has now fallen victim to a Photoshop scandal bigger than that time Vogue decided to butcher Lena Dunham. The question is, who is to blame for this mess? Most would point the finger directly at Wonderland, but some commenters on Jezebel have noted that the singer is, sadly, notorious for actually requesting these edits herself. Or is it possible that Terry Richardson's photography methods have finally gone sour? What used to be his calling card is now the once-praised technique that is being turned against him. Try as we might to get Uncle Terry out of our lives, the man continues to create mediocre art and remain relevant against our own better judgement, and this issue with Wonderland and Carey is just another we can add to the pile of scandals.

Image: Wonderland, Jezebel