Brody Jenner Attends the Wedding of Kim Kardashian's Ex Reggie Bush — What Gives?

If it isn't obvious by now, Brody Jenner is definitely not trying to keep up with the Kardashians. More than anything, he appears to be doing his best to keep away from them, but apparently that doesn't include their exes. On Saturday, Jenner attended the wedding of Reggie Bush, who is unfortunately just as famous for dating Kim Kardashian as he is for playing professional football.

Much like the time Jenner intentionally excluded the Kardashians from family photos, this makes me wonder if this latest move was fueled by a desire to piss off Kim simply because it's no secret that Bush and Kardashian's relationship ended under less-than-amicable circumstances. Just ask Amber Rose. Then again, perhaps Jenner attended the wedding out of support. Plus, Bush and his now-wife Lilit Avagyan actually allowed Jenner to bring his girlfriend, a luxury Jenner wasn't afforded for the Kimye wedding.

Also, Bush's wedding lacked the media circus or any public signs of family drama that surrounded the Kimye wedding extravaganza and allegedly chased Rob Kardashian out of Italy, causing him to skip his own sister's wedding.

If there's any explanation for Jenner's presence other than him not having anything better to do on a Saturday than to attend the wedding of his stepsister's ex, then it probably won't be long before he publicly clues everyone in on what prompted this in a manner much more direct than posting photos on Instagram, sort of like the recent interview in which he spoke on everything from how he never dated fellow Hills alum Lauren Conrad to Robin Thicke's creepy album.

As for Kardashian, if she is somewhere stewing over this, we'll likely never hear a peep out of her. Maybe West might dedicate a line to it in a song or onstage at one of his concerts, or perhaps it'll become a subplot in Kardashian's new video game. Meanwhile, Jenner obviously couldn't care less, judging by these wedding photos of himself posing with his date and the newlywed couple.

Images: Brody Jenner/Instagram