Brody Jenner Calls Out Robin Thicke & It's Not the First Time He's Thrown Shade

After several seasons' worth of contractually obligated silence on reality TV, Brody Jenner apparently feels he's earned the right to take a #NoFilter approach to life these days. As far we know, he hasn't snapped any naked selfies like Justin Bieber, but he's quite unfiltered when it comes to speaking his mind. During his new podcast, The Brody Jenner Podcast with Dr. Mike Dow, Jenner revealed that he never dated Lauren Conrad, providing more evidence that the only thing real about The Hills, were in fact, the hills. But an even more revealing moment came when Jenner called Robin Thicke's public declarations of love "creepy." Although that seems to be the general consensus about Thicke's attempts to win back his wife, it's quite entertaining to see that Jenner didn't bother holding back on his opinion of the singer's new album Paula.

I want to know how she feels about it … because if I were in her shoes, I don't know if I'd want my dirty laundry aired to the public like that... I'm going to go with creepy on this one.

Damn, Brody! Tell us you how you really feel. Unfortunately, Thicke (and his album) aren't the only victims of Jenner's word vomit. Here's a roundup of some of the people the Kardashians' stepbrother has publicly slammed:


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The Instagram shade was thick enough to slice with a knife when Jenner posted photos of his family and called everyone's attention to the fact that he intentionally left out the Kardashians and his dad Bruce.


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Yikes...a theme seems to be developing here. Jenner (Brody, that is) obviously refuses to cut anyone slack — not even his family. On an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Brody called out the almighty Kris Jenner and accused her of driving a wedge between him and his dad.


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What was probably Jenner's boldest slam yet didn't require any words. After he spoke out on not being invited to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's engagement, he decided Kimye's stingy plus-one policy was simply too much to deal with and skipped out on their wedding.


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Finally, someone who's not apart of Jenner's family! Reportedly, Jenner didn't think the One Direction star was worthy of dating his sister Kendall when he told NYDN, "I hate to tell you this, but Kendall will be doing the heartbreaking." Ah well, that's what older brothers are for.

Keep keeping it really, Brodes. Can we call you Brodes?