Gisele Outshines Everyone at World Cup (Duh)

When you write about celebrities and their fabulous fashion day in and day out as I do, you’re bound to develop a style crush here and there or find yourself thinking, "I want to be her.” That’s especially true when you’re studying the style sense and every move of someone as beautiful, sexy, and breathtakingly stunning as supermodel Gisele Bündchen — a woman who can not only model and sing in an H&M commercial (at the same time!) and is married to one of the hottest athletes around, but who somehow also looks just as gorgeous with a buzz cut in a Balenciaga ad as she does with her signature long locks. (Seriously, how can one woman be so talented and lucky?!)

But if you’re one of the few ladies out there who doesn’t typically adore (or envy, rather) Mrs. Tom Brady on the reg, Sunday’s World Cup 2014 final match and closing ceremony in Brazil definitely gave you reason to change your tune. Delivering the Louis Vuitton–encased trophy at the World Cup presentation ceremony, the Brazilian bombshell managed to totally outshine the winning team (spoiler alert: It’s Germany) in her lovely blue-green, perfect-for-summer Louis Vuitton minidress and one amazing pair of printed heels.

With its all-over branch pattern, halter neckline, flouncy fit, and jagged-edge hem, the world-famous supermodel's dress is everything your summer wardrobe has been dreaming of, all wrapped up into one pretty piece. But Bündchen's fantastically flirty look goes beyond just her dress; from the silver spiked belt to the thick-heeled, ankle-strap heels, the look was perfectly styled from head to toe.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

And speaking of head, how unbelievably flawless does her hair look here (though that's pretty normal for the in-demand model)? So good, in fact, that any wishes I had for Bündchen to re-create her Balenciaga buzz cut IRL flew out the window in a snap.

Images: Gisele Bündchen/Instagram; Getty