11 Times Rihanna Was the Most Interesting Part of the World Cup — PHOTOS

The 2014 World Cup is over, and we are lost in a post-football world of misery and woe. Sure, we've technically been living in that world since the United States lost the World Cup (and made Tim Howard a national hero), but there are no more matches left and no more reasons to care about soccer for those who aren't into the sport year-round. So for those who were never into the sports part of the World Cup, what is there to hold onto in these dark, quiet times? Well, there's always the No. 1 World Cup fan. No, I don't mean Teddy Goalsevelt. I mean Rihanna, who spent most of her time at the World Cup proving that she is who we should have been watching rather than the game.

Rihanna made absolutely no secret of her huge love for sports, and nowhere was that more on display than on her Twitter. She live-tweeted her reaction to the matches and accompanied those tweets with pictures, both self-taken and Photoshopped, to show her support for the teams, the players, or even just the FIFA World Cup in general. Overall, Rihanna was just basically the most interesting part of the World Cup. You know, besides all those attractive, sweaty guys running back and forth with a ball.

In fact, there are 11 instances we can point to in which Rihanna proved that she was pretty much the best thing about the 2014 World Cup.

The Time She Was the One Who Actually Won the Trophy

That Time She Won Something More Important Than the Trophy

That Time She Never Turned Down a Fan Photo-Op

That Time She Supported Her Teams in True Rhi-Rhi Style

That Time She Photoshopped a Brazilian Flag into her Niece's Hand

That Time She Live-Tweeted the Match While Babysitting

That Time She Had the Greatest Sense of Humor

That Time She Showed Off Her Assets

That Time She Made the Greatest World Cup Advertisements

That Time She Got All the Swag

That Time She Reminded Us That Her Life > Our Lives

Image: rihanna/Twitter