Sarah Michelle Gellar's Lemonade Stand Is Really Cute (And Pretty Funny, Too) — PHOTO

Look, Sarah Michelle Gellar has been having a rough year. Her CBS sitcom, The Crazy Ones , got canceled. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is becoming more of a nostalgic relic by the hour. Someone at some point in the past six months has probably made fun of the ill-fated 1999 cooking movie Simply Irresistible. And now, according to her Twitter, Sarah Michelle Gellar is selling lemonade. I guess this is the literal interpretation of "when life gives you lemons." Freddie Prinze Jr. might need to grab an apron, as well.

SMG mentioned on Twitter that you've got to earn a leaving somehow, but I'm fairly certain that no seven-year-old who's ever held a lemonade stand went home and was like, "And now, Mom and Dad, I can help you pay off your mortgage. Your careers in banking and teaching were for naught! Lemonade's where it's at!"

Surely, this was a joke and not an actual financial venture; she was likely just having a good ol' time with her family, daughter Charlotte, 5, and son Rocky, 2, in the summer heat — but it's also plausible that she was riffing on the fact that this has not been her year.

But on that note, if there's any family that could probably have the most successful lemonade stand ever, it would be SMG and her family.

Image: RealSMG/Twitter