11 Fresh Cherry Recipes So You Can Celebrate Stone Fruit Season Right

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Cherries just want you to love them. Sure, you see them all year round — dried or drunk on Maraschino — but when was the last time you had them fresh, right out of the bag? You already eat watermelons by the slice and strawberries by the pound, but cherries? They’re the shriveled things in your granola, the lonely fruit drowned in your cocktails.

Now that they’re are back in season, let’s treat cherries right. On your next farmers market binge, pick up a bag — or four — and then turn it into breakfast, dinner, and dessert, all season long. Bake them, roast them, and if you must have them boozy, at least do it yourself. This summer, we’re celebrating cherries at their best.

Image: Half Baked Harvest

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