He Took A Photo With The Green Power Ranger

Hey, everybody loves the Power Rangers. I mean, they're mighty and they morph — c'mon. But did you know that Daryl from The Walking Dead is a fan, too? In fact, Norman Reedus took a picture with the Green Ranger — in his full-on mighty morphin' costume (from the '90s, may I add), and then the Green Ranger, who is obviously a Walking Dead fan, posted the photo to his Facebook page. Lo and behold: this is one of the most important examples of "fanboy" of all time. It's also a pretty cool picture — it's Daryl from The Walking Dead with a freaking POWER RANGER. (Cue the Power Rangers theme song, like, now.)

Oh, and in case you wanted to get up-to-date on Jason David Frank, or The Green Ranger (Tommy, swoon), he has since chopped off his famous long locks, but even though he shed Tommy's signature 'do, he has yet to shed his love for the character. In fact, he's still riding on his Power Rangers glory — as one should if he or she got to don a Power Ranger suit at one point in his or her career. His Facebook page is adorned with nods to his glory days as Tommy Oliver, and not only that, but we also know that he still has his costume, which he still fits into it. But hey, it makes sense to keep the costume if that means pictures like this can happen, right?

So now I've just got to to wonder... where is the Power Rangers and Walking Dead video mash-up in which the Power Rangers come in and save the day from zombies? Please, Internet? Please?

Image: Jason David Frank/Facebook